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Appearances matter – at least when it comes to your wedding photos.  As a small wedding designer and planner working across the Bellevue and Snohomish, WA region, I always tell my bridal clients to keep in mind that just because something looks beautiful in person doesn’t mean it will look equally good in photographs. Certain things don’t always translate well into photography. So, what can you do?

I want every bridal couple to have their dream wedding as well as gorgeous portraits. My advice is if you want great wedding photos then look at certain things with a critical eye – and work with an experienced wedding designer! We know what works and what would not.
You don’t have to design your wedding to please others but you do need to think carefully about your selections and how they might look in person and in photos. Most of the times, I find that my clients get it right! Every once in a while, however, we need to rethink something. Here are some tips:
  • If something looks “messy” in person, it will look twice as messy in a photograph! As an example, realtors often advise homeowners to take pictures of rooms when thinking about how to declutter or stage a home for sale. Why? Because the camera is unforgiving. What looks cozy and “homey” to you will probably appear cluttered and messy in a photo.
  • When thinking of a wedding design, try to imagine it through the camera’s lens.AlexandraCeliaPhotography-SarahandJay-897
  • Barn-style and vintage-themed weddings are a popular look these days. Those can be charming and pretty weddings. However, a vintage look is one thing; old and derelict is another and rustic isn’t always charming.
  • It’s important to coordinate the look you want for your wedding in a manner that translates into the feel you want.  Again, that’s where I come in as a wedding specialist and can help guide you.
  • A good rule of thumb is to look at pictures. Try to find the look you want. If it conveys well in a photograph you’re looking at, then you know it will work for you as well.
When your wedding day is over, and the excitement has passed, you will have your beautiful wedding photos. We can work with you to ensure your wedding day lives on through your portraits in the manner befitting the event. We can discuss with you how our services work and what we can do for your wedding in the Western Washington.

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