Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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outdoor weddingA beautiful wedding is romance and dreams spun together. A wedding set outdoors offers an added element of raw beauty. That almost magical allure of nature is what has motivated more brides in recent years to move their nuptials outside.  As small wedding specialists across Western Washington including Snohomish, King, and Mason counties, we confess that these types of weddings are reshaping how we design and plan weddings. We can design a spectacular outdoor wedding, but we can’t control the weather which is why we always stress to bridal couples the importance of having a Plan B (with a capital B)!

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst:

I stress to all of my clients the importance of a backup plan. Most of the weddings we plan are hosted outdoors in lovely venues such as Stepping Stones Garden, Pine River Ranch-Leavenworth, or Christiansen’s Nursery. These are all wonderful places to host an outdoor wedding, but on the slim chance the weather doesn’t cooperate, we need to be ready to change venues.

It’s important that you keep a few factors in mind when envisioning your wedding.

Plan ahead: You need to have a backup plan well in advance of your actual wedding day. Waiting for the weather report to decide you need a Plan B won’t always work out in your favor. One good reason to plan ahead is: design. By discussing options for your backup plan, it gives us the opportunity to discuss how you want your wedding to look in that venue versus your outdoor location. The better prepared we are, the better off we will be in the slim chance we’ll need to implement the backup plan!
Shelter: If you plan on hosting any part of your event outdoors, it’s important to plan for rain or other

Naomi Wong Photography

Naomi Wong Photography

inclement weather such as wind, cold, or even extreme heat. It can be a good idea to have a tent or other shelter nearby as a backup. Even a beautiful sunny day can prove dangerous if it’s too hot and someone, particularly the elderly, is at risk of overheating. Your guests’ safety and comfort should be a top priority when planning your wedding.

Winter: A winter wedding under a tent with a stunning backdrop (even snow) can be a beautiful and memorable wedding if well thought out. A little snow or cold weather doesn’t have to deter you from planning some part of your wedding outdoors. For example, a hot toddy on an open terrace between an indoor ceremony and indoor reception could turn out fabulous if we plan carefully. But, expecting your guests to sit on a cold, open-air terrace in January while they witness your ceremony in 40-degree temperatures might not be a good idea. Keep in mind that today tents come with air conditioning or heating and even side panels/walls if so desired.

There are many variables a couple and I can control for their wedding such as the date of the wedding, the venue, number of guests, and even budget. However, we cannot control the weather, unfortunately! We work closely with each bridal couples across Western Washington including Snohomish, King, and Mason counties to discuss their options for an alternate location in case of inclement weather. Contact us to discuss how we can help you design and plan your small wedding event.

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